20 Day Challenge – Day 14

7 persons/artists/both I dislike

  1. Jack Black
    I don’t know why.  He irritates me.  Every role that he’s played, he ends up this loser jackass that nobody in their right mind would be friends with.  His movies are less than interesting, and his music is even worse.  It’s not funny.  He’s not funny.  In all fairness, he makes a cute cartoon character, and The School of Rock was a good movie.
  2. Danny Devito
    This is a personal vendetta.  I had this dream once where Danny Devito was cock-blocking me.  I kept getting more and more pissed. He just didn’t get the point, and he wouldn’t go away.  So, I finally picked him up under his armpits and screamed, “Get the fuck away from me, you midget!”  Then, I chucked him across the room.  Ever since, I can’t stand to see him.
  3. Nickleback / Chad Kroger
    This should be obvious.  Douchebag who writes the same song over and over just trying to get a piece of ass.  And it encourages every other dude with no talent to go out there and try to scam on girls in the same way.  It’s sad that they still buy it!
  4. Avril Levine
    She is annoying.  Period.  Her songs sound all the same too.  It’s this poppy chick rock.  The kind of stuff she sings doesn’t belong in that genre.  Her voice is irritating.  She’s not that talented, and her fashion sense leaves a whole lot to be desired.  And I think to myself, “This is a role model for our young girls?”  Great.  Boy obsessed poser.
  5. That Douchebag in flip-flops playing his (insert instrument) on the street corner
    Very similar to Chad Kroger.  Except this guy isn’t looking for money.  He’s trolling for chicks.  This is the same guy you’ll see on every college campus with his guitar under a tree.  He only sounds good because he’s been practicing the same three chords for seven years.  Ask him to play Free Bird.  I bet he doesn’t know it.  Ask him to play Free Falling.  He does.
  6. Tom Cruise
    I am not into holding a wife hostage with Scientology.  It’s creepy.
  7. Christian Bale
    I’ve heard that this guy is a major A-hole.  Sure, he’s nice to look at.  But, I think the Batman thing isn’t really just a character for him.