Not Your Usual Serving Of Canvas

As some of you might not be well aware, and you’d probably be correct at this point at any point in confusion, I am a co-founder with Ruby Tuesday and a writer for A Canvas of the Minds. The following is a post on Canvas that request every mental health bloggers help for Mental Health Awareness.

via Not Your Usual Serving Of Canvas.

Thank you for your support in advance.  I would guess that everyone who is involved with Blog for Mental Health 2012 would be interested in joining Canvas and participating with us in our time of need of your support!!!

A Canvas of the Minds

A Canvas of the Minds was the brain child of a group bloggers, who had an interest in creating a mental health community. This community blog consists of several writers and a broad subscription base that seeks to connect and learn about mental health topics. More than anything, we promote avocation, exploration, and education in a supportive environment.

For more information, visit A Canvas of the Minds About Page. It can provide you with all of the information about the community. Or, you could just poke around. You might see what you like!