Purses Anonymous

Inspired by Ruby Tuesday, who wrote Trust Me, I Know, I’d like to just bare all and show the contents of my purse.  Now, up until I saw Ruby’s everyday purse, I thought I was a serious bag lady.  I don’t know if other women have this problem where they find that each purse begins to get bigger, and bigger with age.  I started out late with purses, having my first one gifted to me as a joke in college.  Now, after a husband and a son, I started wearing ones with a strap across the front, just because my poor shoulder couldn’t handle it anymore.

Mind you, when you see the contents, I have spared you the sight of the occasional diaper, wipes, and Chris’ car keys – all of which have become my responsibility somehow in the last four years.

Pretty, huh?

Now, we spill . . .

And now, pretty scary.

I decided I’d like to make this into a contest. The first one that names all of the items correctly automatically gets first dibs on the Blog for Mental Health 2013 badge.

20 Day Challenge – Day 5

16 Things I Do When I’m Alone

(TMI Alert)

  1. Write posts
  2. Write in my journal
  3. Watch Netflix
  4. Play Bejeweled Blitz
  5. Draw
  6. Doodle
  7. Masturbate.  Yes, if I haven’t been there in awhile.  Doesn’t everyone?
  8. Read articles
  9. Re-read awesome books I read a long time ago.
  10. Memorize dialogue to my favorite television shows.
  11. Watch Fios On Demand and indulge in bad teen shows.
  12. Write articles
  13. Ponder the nature of…
  14. Go all out and pamper myself
  15. Sleep.  I’m never alone, so it’s time to catch up.
  16. Take a dump in peace.  For those of you that don’t have kids yet, you’ll get it later.