20 Day Challenge – Day 4

17 Words I Like

  1. concubine
  2. platitudinous
  3. sauce.  You can actually append this one to pretty much any noun and it works.
  4. fabulist
  5. nappy
  6. aorta
  7. chips.  There’s a joke that goes behind this one.  I was listening to the TV or radio or something one day, and I heard this commercial.  The woman said, “I don’t understand why I can’t stop eating them.”  Another woman said, “That’s why they call them chipppppppsssssah.  You can’t eat just one, or else they’d call it chip.”
  8. salvation and salivation.  One little “i” is all of the difference between eternity in heaven and eternity with a slobbering dog.
  9. tool.  Are you talking about the hammer or that dude?
  10. pork.  Noun or verb?
  11. slagathor.  It’s a Scrubs thing.
  12. methusasluts.  Geriatric whores.
  13. prostitots.  Thank you, Finn, over atFinding Finn.  Funniest thing that’s ever come out of this guy’s mouth.
  14. fuck.  You had to have seen that coming.  A noun, a verb, and an adjective!  It’s a superword!
  15. moist.  Because it’s gross alone.
  16. lord.  And master.  LOL.
  17. feminine.  Because when you attach it to something, it automatically sprouts flowers, starts singing musical theater, and smells like roses.