20 Day Challenge – Day 9

12 Facts About Me – Lulu Style

Lulu style basically means that I’m not going to give you boring facts.  I’m going to give you strange facts and quirks.

  1. Feet.  I have to sleep with my feet outside of the covers.  My feet are like my temperature control, so when they’re hot, I’m miserable.
  2. Tiger’s Eye.  Both my husband and I keep a tiger’s eye cufflink on our person always.  It’s a charm that brings us together.
  3. Old World Maps.  I have a slight obsession with collecting old world maps, accurate or art.  There’s something mystical about the old, undiscovered world out there.
  4. Obsessive Organization.  Everything in it’s right place.  Once I designate a place for something, it better damn well be there.  I do not let anyone touch any item on my dresser.  Not even my own family.
  5. Internal Clock.  I have an almost paranormal internal clock.  I can usually look around me and tell you the time, even if I’m not really sure.  I guess I’m synced up with my local time pretty well, even if I feel the time slippage and reality loosening.
  6. Toes.  My second toe on both of my feet is longer than my big toe.  I mean, a lot longer.  Did you know that’s actually a genetic defect?
  7. Clones.  The women in my family look like little, slightly altered clones of one another.  Blonde hair, blue, green or blue / green eyes.  All of us.
  8. Sister.  My sister is not biologically related to me.  She’s biologically my third cousin.  We have no legal sibling relationship.  We were just generally raised in the same household.  And we look so much alike that we used to get mistaken for twins in our youth.
  9. Strange EM Field.  I believe that there is a strange electromagnetic field surrounding my house.  I live on top of one of the highest hills in my town, and I can’t seem to get cell phone reception anywhere.  And when I say hill, I really mean mountain.
  10. Ghost.  I have a ghost in my house.  He’s my husband’s grandfather, and he’s a friendly ghost who turns lights off when you leave a room and forget to.  He does other stuff like shuts and locks doors too.  Nice guy!  Too bad I only am now meeting him in his afterlife.
  11. Journals.  I have kept pretty consistent journals for over six years now.  That’s longer than I’ve kept a relationship!
  12. Martial Arts.  I recently started martial arts as a way to get the manic energy out and keep me going during depressions.  I think it was a good idea.  It’s called Tang Soo Do, and it’s the same martial art that Chuck Norris does.