20 Day Challenge – Day 14

7 persons/artists/both I dislike

  1. Jack Black
    I don’t know why.  He irritates me.  Every role that he’s played, he ends up this loser jackass that nobody in their right mind would be friends with.  His movies are less than interesting, and his music is even worse.  It’s not funny.  He’s not funny.  In all fairness, he makes a cute cartoon character, and The School of Rock was a good movie.
  2. Danny Devito
    This is a personal vendetta.  I had this dream once where Danny Devito was cock-blocking me.  I kept getting more and more pissed. He just didn’t get the point, and he wouldn’t go away.  So, I finally picked him up under his armpits and screamed, “Get the fuck away from me, you midget!”  Then, I chucked him across the room.  Ever since, I can’t stand to see him.
  3. Nickleback / Chad Kroger
    This should be obvious.  Douchebag who writes the same song over and over just trying to get a piece of ass.  And it encourages every other dude with no talent to go out there and try to scam on girls in the same way.  It’s sad that they still buy it!
  4. Avril Levine
    She is annoying.  Period.  Her songs sound all the same too.  It’s this poppy chick rock.  The kind of stuff she sings doesn’t belong in that genre.  Her voice is irritating.  She’s not that talented, and her fashion sense leaves a whole lot to be desired.  And I think to myself, “This is a role model for our young girls?”  Great.  Boy obsessed poser.
  5. That Douchebag in flip-flops playing his (insert instrument) on the street corner
    Very similar to Chad Kroger.  Except this guy isn’t looking for money.  He’s trolling for chicks.  This is the same guy you’ll see on every college campus with his guitar under a tree.  He only sounds good because he’s been practicing the same three chords for seven years.  Ask him to play Free Bird.  I bet he doesn’t know it.  Ask him to play Free Falling.  He does.
  6. Tom Cruise
    I am not into holding a wife hostage with Scientology.  It’s creepy.
  7. Christian Bale
    I’ve heard that this guy is a major A-hole.  Sure, he’s nice to look at.  But, I think the Batman thing isn’t really just a character for him.

20 Day Challenge – Day 12

9 Videos I Like

  1. Dave Chappelle – Sam Jackson Beer (Dj E-Flexx Baltimore Club Mix)
  2. Electric Six – “Danger!  High Volatage!”
  3. Kelly – No Booty Calls
  4. Kelly – Shoes
  5. Arfenhouse: The Movie
  6. 3 Brain – Gonads and Strife
  7. Cyanide and Happiness – Pigeon
  8. Lucky Day Forever
  9. The Lonely Island – I’m On A Boat

20 Day Challenge – Day 11

10 Persons I Can’t Live Without

The following ten people are people who exist in my real life. No offense to my blogging lovelies, this list could go on for miles. I had to put a limit on it, so I’ve limited it to those people in my real life that I have close to daily contact with.

  1. Xan:   Truly the light of my life.  He is all that I am and all that I am not.  I wrote Possibility and Ascension, and more recently, Clarity of Chaos for him.  He’s my best friend.  He’s my family.  He’s my husband, partner, and my soul twin.  Simply, I love him more than all of the words in the universe could proclaim.
  2. Beast:   Some mornings, Beast is the sole reason I get out of bed.  He encourages me to strive to be a better person, each and every single day of my life.  He is my darling, my baby boy.  He is my pride and one day, he will be my legacy.  It is up to me to be his mother.  And that means, I will wake up every single day, pull myself together, and if I do nothing else, I will be his mother the best that I can.
  3. MIL:   She is a friend, a mentor, and though maybe not maternal, a mother for sure.  She is always concerned, and is quick to respond in an emergency.  She’ll do anything to see that everything turns out alright.  She is generous and kind.  MIL is one of those women that will take a call from me at 3AM, and she has no obligation to do so.  She has given me so much advice and perspective into womanhood.  She’s positive, even if she’s racked with anxiety.  She can spread her positivity to others, and make them feel better about things.  She’s a nurse too, so she is good at taking care of other people.  She genuinely cares.  And I genuinely care for her.
  4. FIL:  He is a man that gets things done. He is full of wisdom and experience that he is eager to lend.  He wants to see everyone be the best person that they can be.  FIL is never hesitant to lend a hand, or even to go as far as to bail me out of a jam.  He never expects anything in return.  FIL is a true man, a man who has worked hard to become a self made person, but is still sensitive to the needs of others.  He always makes sure that we’re taken care of.  And, I feel he’s the best father-in-law that a woman could ever have to be a huge part of her family and life.
  5. Starr:  Starr is a relatively new friend to me, but still just as important, if not more important than others I’ve had in my life for many years.  Starr has shown me nothing but the strength and pride of being a woman.  She is absolutely, strikingly beautiful, and it’s hard for people not to notice her.  For most women, this would flare the green eyed monster.  For me, I am inspired.  I don’t even think she knows how strong and beautiful she is, like wild horses.  She is willful and wonderful, deep and insightful.  She’ll read this, and maybe not know who I’m referring to.  So I’ll leave her with this: “I get my disability check and POW!  It’s down to pant n’at!”  She’s a loyal and fierce friend, and I hope to have her in my life for many years to come.
  6. Dill:   Another newer friend, but Dill is one of those people that you can’t help but feel an instant connection to.  Dill doesn’t judge, and he shows me that life doesn’t have to be as serious as a heart attack.  Life is meant to be lived.  He has reinforced the lesson that age is seriously just a number, and the right frame of mind with enough willpower is all you need to live a good life.  And that’s exactly what he’s all about.  Happiness, beauty, and living a wonderful, peaceful life.
  7. Ruby:   Oh, my lovely.  I really cannot say what a lovely this woman has been to me.  Ruby feels like a part of my family, like an older sister I never had.  She has listened to me in my best triumphs and my worst bits of insanity.  She smiles with me and cries with me.  Everything about her is this chaotic perfection.  Everything fits together in this dialectic beauty.  And that’s her in a nutshell.  She has a beautiful everything.  A lovely soul, a gorgeous face, and the most genuine smile there is.  I want to thank her for being there for me, and being a part of my life.  And taking a chance on a little blonde weirdo from the internets.  LOL.
  8. LaLa:  LaLa, a maternal figure in my life.  I’ve come to feel like LaLa is like a wise, spiritual aunt I never had.  LaLa brings the best of my spiritual side out, giving me faith in the higher power, and reminders of the greater design.  She’s always been supportive, and has never left my side, even when I’ve been less than a good friend to her.  I want to thank her for her investment in me.
  9. Monday:  I’ve come to see Monday as an aunt as well.  She’s the aunt that is your best friend.  She wants all of the best for you, but will never hesitate to say what’s on her mind.  And that’s the beauty of it.  Sometimes, that’s exactly what you need to hear, because that’s exactly what’s been ringing in the back of your own mind.  She’s brilliant and one tough cookie.  She has proven this time again through her perseverance and stamina.  No matter what gets thrown at her, she’s a survivor of it all.  And she wants nothing more than to lend her experience and will to others.  I’d like to thank her for all of the attention she’s given me in the last year.
  10. Finn:   Last, but not least, Finn.  Finn and I have been friends for longer than my husband and I have even known each other.  Finn is so accepting.  He is another person who has seen me hit that bottom of the barrel.  He has seen me in various states of growth and maturity.  We’ve shared so much together.  And all of that time has bonded us in ways that only time can do.  He’s taken my calls at 4AM, given me advice, and been an intermediary between Xan and I (yes, I know about that).  Thank you for everything you’ve done that I do, and even don’t, know about.

20 Day Challenge – Day 10

11 Things in Your Bedroom

Seeing as how I share a bedroom with my spouse, Xan, I will go ahead and name the most interesting items that are exclusively mine.

  1. Twelve Year Old Lava Lamp.
  2. Fifteen Year-Old Coke Can Lamp.  I doctored that sucker up with a bunch of broken CD parts, put a cool lace skirt on the shade, and voila!  A super sweet ass lamp.  PS:  It took me over six hours to glue all of those pieces on that lamp.
  3. An Instructables Pen Holder.  Hand made entirely out of a CD spindle and rolled up magazine pages.
  4. A King Sized Crocheted Afghan.  Total to make:  $60 and 5 months.  Two before Beast was born and three after.
  5. Old Decorative Boxes.  I’m obsessed with boxes.  One of my boxes is a gold, old world map I bought when I was twelve.  Another is a painted carousel horse from Kennywood.  That’s just to name a few.
  6. The Sweetest Closet Ever.  Okay, so it’s not a walk in closet.  Almost.  It has this huge, tiered rack.  Half of it, I let Xan have for his work clothes.  The other half is all mine.  Anything that’s not a classy graphic Tee, a plain Tee, or a pair of jeans is in there.  It speaks to my organization AND it’s so very pretty and convenient
  7. A HUGE Dresser Mirror.  I’m told they don’t make dressers like that anymore.  The dresser mirror has to be about four feet by three feet.  I have enough room to put all of my stuff, like my boxes that hold my makeup, jewelry, hair stuff, etc, and I can still see everything behind me as plain as day.
  8. A Knick-Knack Shelf.  So trite, right?  Seriously, there are some very sentimental things on there, which I will proceed to name the best of in this list.
  9. Complimentary Glass Zodiac Figures.  Xan and I are very into astrology.  Maybe me more so than him.  I went as far as to buy him a zodiac figure for his sign.  To my surprise, he bought me the same, except in my sign.  Go figure!
  10. Purple Stuffed Rabbit.  Named Furry.  She’s 23 years old.  I realize that might be older than some readers.  Also realize that she is in way rougher shape than any of us.  She’s been well loved, and is a retired security object.
  11. A Memory Board.  I love just sticking random pictures, coasters, and other things up there.  It’s overflowing with memories, and I love it.

20 Day Challenge – Day 9

12 Facts About Me – Lulu Style

Lulu style basically means that I’m not going to give you boring facts.  I’m going to give you strange facts and quirks.

  1. Feet.  I have to sleep with my feet outside of the covers.  My feet are like my temperature control, so when they’re hot, I’m miserable.
  2. Tiger’s Eye.  Both my husband and I keep a tiger’s eye cufflink on our person always.  It’s a charm that brings us together.
  3. Old World Maps.  I have a slight obsession with collecting old world maps, accurate or art.  There’s something mystical about the old, undiscovered world out there.
  4. Obsessive Organization.  Everything in it’s right place.  Once I designate a place for something, it better damn well be there.  I do not let anyone touch any item on my dresser.  Not even my own family.
  5. Internal Clock.  I have an almost paranormal internal clock.  I can usually look around me and tell you the time, even if I’m not really sure.  I guess I’m synced up with my local time pretty well, even if I feel the time slippage and reality loosening.
  6. Toes.  My second toe on both of my feet is longer than my big toe.  I mean, a lot longer.  Did you know that’s actually a genetic defect?
  7. Clones.  The women in my family look like little, slightly altered clones of one another.  Blonde hair, blue, green or blue / green eyes.  All of us.
  8. Sister.  My sister is not biologically related to me.  She’s biologically my third cousin.  We have no legal sibling relationship.  We were just generally raised in the same household.  And we look so much alike that we used to get mistaken for twins in our youth.
  9. Strange EM Field.  I believe that there is a strange electromagnetic field surrounding my house.  I live on top of one of the highest hills in my town, and I can’t seem to get cell phone reception anywhere.  And when I say hill, I really mean mountain.
  10. Ghost.  I have a ghost in my house.  He’s my husband’s grandfather, and he’s a friendly ghost who turns lights off when you leave a room and forget to.  He does other stuff like shuts and locks doors too.  Nice guy!  Too bad I only am now meeting him in his afterlife.
  11. Journals.  I have kept pretty consistent journals for over six years now.  That’s longer than I’ve kept a relationship!
  12. Martial Arts.  I recently started martial arts as a way to get the manic energy out and keep me going during depressions.  I think it was a good idea.  It’s called Tang Soo Do, and it’s the same martial art that Chuck Norris does.

20 Day Challenge : Day 8

13 Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To:  (All recent with the exception of 4, 5, 8, 10 and down)

  1. Bluebird – Paper Rival
  2. Liar, Liar – A Fine Frenzy
  3. Pacing the Cage – Paper Rival
  4. Running Up That Hill – Placebo
  5. The NooseA Perfect Circle
  6. This is Not an ExitSaves the Day
  7. My DickMickey Avalon
  8. LollipopFraming Hanley : Sexiest song ever.
  9. Anthem of our Dying Day – Story of the Year
  10. Everything You WantVertical Horizon
  11. Ache – James Carrington : That is “our” song.  We danced to it at our wedding.
  12. GravityJohn Mayer : The first song my husband and I ever slow danced to
  13. Slow Dancing in a Burning Room – John Mayer