About the Author

I am called a lot of things.  By my pseudonym, I am Tallulah Stark, or as I prefer, Lulu.  What is in a name?  What is in a label?

Rather, I choose not define myself by a label I did not give myself. I am much more.

I am a wife to a man that I’ve spent 1/3 of my life being in love with. I am a mother of a child with special needs. I am a daughter of a disabled veteran and a homemaker who battles alcoholism. I am a sister of a man born with Autism.

I am an inner-city music educator. I am a vocalist of 24 years and a musician of 17 years. I am an amateur graphic artist and photographer. I am a master crafter, and specialize in jewelry, sewing, and crocheting. I am a blogger and have kept a written journal on and off for the last 12 years. I am a writer.

I am a lifetime student, holding multiple degrees.

I have been a cashier, a delicatessen clerk, a retail clerk, a saleswoman, and a telemarketer.

I am a recovering alcoholic in a long line of alcoholics. I will always be recovering. It’s not something that can’t be cured.

I am chronologically inside of my second quarter, but 30-something in my experiences. My body ails as a 40-something, but I have the face of a teen.

I am the sum of all of my experiences. It just so happens that I have bipolar disorder. And maybe we could say “I am bipolar” and find some truth. But not one single thing here is the focus.

More than anything, I can be described as Lulu. Think of me as her. I do.

11 thoughts on “About the Author

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  2. I like the new layout! So did you conflate the two blogs?

    • Pendulum is just the archives. I wanted to go more public in my personal life, so I know that needs to be private. It’s not for me, but other people’s privacy.

      • Got ya. So Pendulum still exists. It wasn’t deleted, just set as private? Yeah, I feel you on that. I’ve often wondered if I’ve shared too much about those around me, those in my personal life. I mean, I’m at a point where I don’t care if someone I know runs into my blog and reads about something I’ve done or something about my mental health issues, but I do care if they read what I’ve said about say, my family. For their sake, I need to use discretion and that’s why I’ve decided to set some posts as private.

        • It was set as private for a minute, but it’s back up. I’ve just password protected a couple of posts. I’m going public in my real life about Lulu very soon, but there are some people where I have to protect their privacy. I have nothing to hide anymore.

  3. Alright, lovebug, Blog For Mental Health 2013 is up and rolling on Canvas, so once you are up and rolling again, you can have a look. I’ve pledged you (along with everyone else involved, which now seems kind of weird, since the whole thing is actually your thing — or perhaps because I haven’t slept much), and already we have an official blogroll started and a great response, yay!

    Love you!

  4. Another amazingly sane and creative person with a ‘disorder’. It’s wonderful to realize how cuckoo so many of us are, while being imaginative and nurturing and coping to varying degrees. I think the mental illness industry is missing a trick…

  5. Hi Lulu,

    Many Thanks for ‘Following’ my Blog’, MUCH Appreciated.

    Best Wishes

  6. Whoops, I forgot to mention that I am a Depression sufferer myself as well.

    • Hey lady! It’s great to hear from you! I’ll be around again soon, hopefully. I’m so incredibly busy that I am pretty shocked when I can spend more than 5 minutes sitting! But, this is stolen time. There’s a kitchen to clean, a dinner to make, clothes to put away, etc. All with the hope that I’ll still have it in me to spend part of my evening training.

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