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A complicated person, with a complicated life

  1. Know your enemy- research what exactly the illness is, what treatment works, and how other people are affected by it.
  2. “Your thought are not you”- most illness will cause thoughts that will create more pain; realize that’s your illness.
  3. Changing habits takes long term effort-Don’t expect change to happen over night.  Keep track of your progress so you can see the change happening even if its not going as fast as you would like.
  4. Focus on what you can control, while accepting for the time being what you can’t-  “Be efficient in your energy. Focus your energy on what you can control and change. With the things you can’t immediately change, learn to shrug and say “f*ck it”.”
  5. Get support- family, friends, local support group, therapist, online support groups
  6. Let go of the shame- Mental illness is an illness just like a physical illness such as the flu, which you…

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  1. Number 3 always bugs me. I hate that whole patience thing. That’s what causes us to backslide half the time…

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