20 Day Challenge – Day 10

11 Things in Your Bedroom

Seeing as how I share a bedroom with my spouse, Xan, I will go ahead and name the most interesting items that are exclusively mine.

  1. Twelve Year Old Lava Lamp.
  2. Fifteen Year-Old Coke Can Lamp.  I doctored that sucker up with a bunch of broken CD parts, put a cool lace skirt on the shade, and voila!  A super sweet ass lamp.  PS:  It took me over six hours to glue all of those pieces on that lamp.
  3. An Instructables Pen Holder.  Hand made entirely out of a CD spindle and rolled up magazine pages.
  4. A King Sized Crocheted Afghan.  Total to make:  $60 and 5 months.  Two before Beast was born and three after.
  5. Old Decorative Boxes.  I’m obsessed with boxes.  One of my boxes is a gold, old world map I bought when I was twelve.  Another is a painted carousel horse from Kennywood.  That’s just to name a few.
  6. The Sweetest Closet Ever.  Okay, so it’s not a walk in closet.  Almost.  It has this huge, tiered rack.  Half of it, I let Xan have for his work clothes.  The other half is all mine.  Anything that’s not a classy graphic Tee, a plain Tee, or a pair of jeans is in there.  It speaks to my organization AND it’s so very pretty and convenient
  7. A HUGE Dresser Mirror.  I’m told they don’t make dressers like that anymore.  The dresser mirror has to be about four feet by three feet.  I have enough room to put all of my stuff, like my boxes that hold my makeup, jewelry, hair stuff, etc, and I can still see everything behind me as plain as day.
  8. A Knick-Knack Shelf.  So trite, right?  Seriously, there are some very sentimental things on there, which I will proceed to name the best of in this list.
  9. Complimentary Glass Zodiac Figures.  Xan and I are very into astrology.  Maybe me more so than him.  I went as far as to buy him a zodiac figure for his sign.  To my surprise, he bought me the same, except in my sign.  Go figure!
  10. Purple Stuffed Rabbit.  Named Furry.  She’s 23 years old.  I realize that might be older than some readers.  Also realize that she is in way rougher shape than any of us.  She’s been well loved, and is a retired security object.
  11. A Memory Board.  I love just sticking random pictures, coasters, and other things up there.  It’s overflowing with memories, and I love it.

8 thoughts on “20 Day Challenge – Day 10

  1. that makes me closterphobic lol! I am the opposite. The less stuff the better and I throw away anything that isn’t used or doesn’t move for a month lol.

    • Oh, all of it has it’s proper place. No worries. I run a tight ship.

      • Oh I knew it would all be in it’s place. I never pegged you as messy. I just don’t save things I probably should have lol (((hugs))) You and your life means a lot to me. I want you to know that I think you are an amazing and smart woman and I have learned a lot from you. My Friday Confession will be a doozy because after reading your Friday confessional, I got the courage to really share something personal. xx

  2. I think you should post pictures of some things. Especially the Coke can lamp and the Kennywood carousel horse box thing. 😉

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