My friend, Finn, over at Finding Finn, wrote this hilarious article on relationships. I laughed until I died a little inside.

Finding Finn

So I have taken the past few days to think about a topic most readers could identify with, and I believe I’ve succeeded. Today’s topic of discussion is relationships. Yes, relationships do have a few great qualities such as having someone to fall back upon, but who wants to be bored to tears as I list off every good aspect to a relationship? Would it not be so much more entertaining to read about how screwed up they can be? Every relationship starts out great, or at least based upon perspective. You fall in love, count every moment you’ve been apart while waiting to see them again, and look deeply and lovingly into their eyes hanging on every word they say, But there comes a point in a lot of them, if not most, that this tends to shift to the exact opposite side of the spectrum. Comedian Dane cook

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